Struggling Producer's Only Ray Of Hope is Nani

Struggling Producer's Only Ray Of Hope is Nani

Once upon a time, the banner 'Creative Commercials' and producer KS Ramarao are quite popular for delivering super hit films. Movies like Abhilasha, Marana Mrudangam, Challenge and Chanti have come from his stable only. But these days, the producer lost that touch for sure.

If we take his track record in the last decade, KS Ramarao made movies like Dammu, Shankara, Tej I Love U, Kausalya Krishnamurthy and now World Famous Lover. Surprisingly all of them ended up as loss ventures for him, pushing him into crores of rupees losses. As Vijay Devarakonda also failed to bring him to profits, we wonder which film and hero are going to save him now.

According to reports, KS Ramarao will be producing Nani's next movie that is likely to be directed by Maruthi. If this project materialises, then there is a hope that the producer might recover to an extent as both Maruthi and Nani are known for delivering films that would do at least average at the box office.

As Nani and Maruthi have delivered a hit like Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi earlier, surely the business expectations are also quite huge on the movie.

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