Nithin's Professional Approach On Important Day

Nithin's Professional Approach On Important Day

Other day, hero Nithin took part in the turmeric-thrashing (pasupu kottadam) ceremony along with his bride Shalini and announced the same via his Twitter page. With this, the festivities have begun at the hero's house for his impending wedding that will take place on April 16th. Here goes the twist, however.

Despite the fact that he could take a break and relax at home with family and friends, hero Nithin is said to have shown professionalism yesterday. While he took part in the ceremony in the morning, from afternoon he's said to have gone for the shooting of Bheeshma. While the film is due for release next week, they are said to be doing some patchwork scenes after watching the final cut.

One should understand the fact that though cinema heroes look like enjoying all the luxuries on earth, they are the ones who dare the extremities to work hard in the sun and on any day, given the fact that they have to entertain the audiences without any fail. On that note, we should appreciate Nithin a lot.

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