Samantha's Jaanu Staring At 70% Losses

Samantha's Jaanu Staring At 70% Losses

One of the most hyped films in recent times is none other than Telugu remake of super hit Tamil film '96', which is titled "Jaanu" and features Samantha, Sharwanand in the leads. Due to Samantha factor, the film was expected to get staggering openings along with a blockbuster run. But it looks like nothing such is happening.

Despite the team of Jaanu thanking audiences for their verdict, the real fact is that the film is not doing well owing to the numbers it should actually make. With world wide theatricals sold out for 21 crores, the film should make more than that, to make sure that no distributor gets a loss. After the first week of its release, the film made only 6.5+ crores share, with much of it coming from Telugu states only.

While the film's run in the USA is a disaster with distributors losing almost all their investment, in the Telugu states, the distributors are staring at almost 70% losses. Though Dil Raju is super confident that the movie will entice Telugu audiences, somehow the film's emotion didn't even connect.

The film was able to collect even 7 crores of share nearly because of Samantha and Sharwa's stardom only, they say. Though it is a noble intention to remake classics, somehow they are not working out we must say.

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