Rumors On Anushka's Cricketer-Boyfriend Shock 'Pranushka' Fans

Rumors On Anushka's Cricketer-Boyfriend Shock 'Pranushka' Fans

Even if Prabhas denies a hundred more times, many 'Pranushka' fans would be thinking that he will be marrying Anushka one day. The Baahubali pair looked so good together that many of their fans believe or wish they would be getting married.

Prabhas many a time rubbished the affair and marriage rumors, calling Anushka as one of his best friends. Here comes a new rumor that breaks the hearts of Pranushka fans. The rumors say that Anushka and Prabhas are not getting married and Anushka is already dating a cricketer from North India who has his roots in South.

The cricketer's name is not out yet, but it is strongly being believed now that Anushka is going to get married very soon to the cricketer, but not Prabhas. Actresses getting married or having affairs with cricketers in India is not uncommon.

But this fresh rumors on Anushka appears to be a ploy from Prabhas's team to put an end to expectations and rumors on 'Prabhas-Anushka wedding', as Prabhas himself failed multiple times in killing the rumor for good, but directly.

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