V New Poster: Intense Nani, Fiery Sudheer

V New Poster: Intense Nani, Fiery Sudheer

The new poster of Nani and Sudheer Babu's V movie is out announcing the teaser release date as 17th February.

In the new poster, the sharp faces of rugged Nani and foery Sudheer were shown in halves. Nani decided to be the baddie Rakshasudu and Sudheer had to be the Rakshakudu that fights back the baddie.

Nani changed his look like never before in a twisted mustache and looks like he is going to impress us with his extremely bad doings in the movie. Sudheer Babu too appears apt to fight for good, probably. Director Indraganti Mohan Krishna enthralled us with movies like Gentleman and Ashtachemma equally.

We have to see what really the 'V' is and how the two actors make it more interesting.

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