Break-even in 2 Days? Is It True?

Break-even in 2 Days? Is It True?

Nandu's Savaari has got limited release. However, the makers tall claim of touching break-even point within two days of its release is raising many eye brows.

The film got mixed reviews and critics have panned the film. Even in the US, the film registered poor numbers. The makers, who had initially planned to hold a press meet/ thank you / success meet announcing the break-even on Sunday morning, has been cancelled for reasons unknown.

But the posters of break-even have been released online which is taking many by shock. Meanwhile, the area-wise collections break-up has not been released by the producers. Also, the film's budget and theatricals cost has not been released. Without all these, simply just announcing that the film has reached break-even point has become laughing stock. Now a days, small heroes to big heroes are doing this.

On the other hand, the other movie Jaanu too posted less numbers. Yet it is also claiming as a success and holding a 'Thank You'/ 'Success Meet' event to celebrate audience reception.

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