Another Bad Day For Jaanu!

Another Bad Day For Jaanu!

Jaanu is one of the most awaited films given that this is the Telugu remake of Tamil's classic 96 which had Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha in the lead roles. However, the hype surrounding the Telugu remake with Sharwa and Samantha in the lead roles, Dil Raju's backing and unanimous positive reviews too not helping the film. As per BO trackers, the film  is failing to pull crowds.

Despite having Sharwanand and Samantha as the lead cast, the film recorded below par collections. After starting on low note where the film earned meagre USD 68,500 till Friday (including Thursday premieres), the film managed to gross around USD 50,000 till Saturday. Currently, Jaanu has grossed USD 1,28,208 at 1.08 AM PST on Feb 9, 2020 in the US. One has to wait and see, how Jaanu would post on Sunday in the US.

However, the real challenge for Jaanu lies from Monday. In domestic markets too, the film is struggling to draw crowds. In Nizam where Dil Raju has strong hold, Jaanu isn't so impressive. The situation is no different in Andhra and Ceded. Overall, Jaanu is heading towards a big disappointment to its makers and buyers.

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