Director Yet To Give Up 'Kajal Agarwal' Hang Over

Director Yet To Give Up 'Kajal Agarwal' Hang Over

Gone are the days where a director is sticking to one particular script and going head over heels over it. They used to run from pillar to post, meeting various heroes, such that that story will be realised into a movie. But now, directors are keeping options open and Teja is the recent example.

Recovering from the blow given by 'Seetha' movie result, director Teja prepared a story on Article 370 and he wants to shoot that in Bollywood. But now he is said to be back to another Telugu story that will fit in Rana Daggubati as the villain. And then, the director is in the news for his Kajal hangover. He's said to be recommending to bring Kajal, by paying 1.5-2 crores remuneration, to get her paired with the hunk hero.

Unlike a Samantha, Kajal has no stardom to pull the audiences to theatres and that is evident with the result of Seetha movie. So, roping her by giving crores of rupees will be only a waste of money, but not a wise move. Though his teammates tried to explain this, Teja is said to be not in a mood to hear that.

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