Anupama Parameswaran Gets A Lift From Dil Raju

Anupama Parameswaran Gets A Lift From Dil Raju

Despite making a sensational debut with films like Premam and A..Aa here, somehow Anupama Parameswaran failed to capitalise on the offers that came her way. That too in the era of hotness where divas like Kiara Advani, Pooja Hegde, Nabha Natesh and Nidhi Agerwal are scorching screens with their glamour, this Mallu kutty will find it tough naturally.

With back to back duds and low buzz films, Anupama is currently sitting idle without work but then here comes a rescuer in the form of mega producer Dil Raju. Though he runs after big names every time for his projects, the mega-producer has now got Anupama aboard for a special film they say.

Dil Raju's brother Sirish's son Ashish Reddy is getting launched as a hero now under the direction of Husharu fame director Sri Harsha. Titled 'Rowdy Boys' this film now got Anupama as the leading lady, say reports. In case if that is true, with the movie being the debut of Ashish, surely the Mallu girl will get major attention from all the quarters.

Can she prove her mettle and cement her position with this movie? Let's see.

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