Just Went To Eat Ice Cream With Raashi Khanna

Just Went To Eat Ice Cream With Raashi Khanna

One of those young heroes who is often involved in a lot of gossips and some controversies is none other than Naga Shourya. Some say that he has himself gave room for rumours such that he will get more fame. On a quick recollection, he is popular for a rumour that he is dating Mega daughter Niharika Konidela.

But before the release of his 'Oka Manasu' where he acted together with Niharika, the actor got tangled with another rumour that he is dating Delhi beauty Raashi Khanna. Apparently the hottie made her debut alongside Shourya in Oohalu Gusagusalade, and hence the gossip. But is there truth about this?

"No. We're just good friends. But we used to hang out a lot during the making of that movie and later. We went to eat ice cream together many a times" said Naga Shourya in a recent interview. Well, some of the rumours have actually started flowing out only after people saw them at cafes and ice cream parlours.

On the other hand, the hero's recent film Aswathama hasn't received rave ratings from critics though he is said to have worked hard on the script.

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