Aswathama Day 1: Biggest Opener For Naga Shaurya

Aswathama Day 1: Biggest Opener For Naga Shaurya

Young hero Naga Shaurya's Aswathama opens to good collections. The film released yesterday to decent talk. With 3.6 Crore gross worldwide on day one, Aswathama becomes biggest opener for Naga Shaurya.

Naga Shaurya who took inspiration from a real incident to his close friend's sister had penned the story with fictional elements and characters. He somehow managed to make it as a good thriller.

Giving his best, Naga Shaurya performed some breathtaking stunts on his own. Given the pre-release hype around the project, it minted good numbers on day one.

The film directed by Ramana Teja and starring Mehreen Pirzada is said to be performing well in multiplexes as well as single theaters as well.

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