Rumour: Maruthi Demanding 6 Cr From That Producer

Rumour: Maruthi Demanding 6 Cr From That Producer

Running high with the success of his latest movie Prathiroju Pandage, director Maruthi is said to be planning his next project. However, the director has given a commitment to producer DVV Danayya that he will be launching the producer's son as a hero. Here comes the rumour about this nexus now.

without having big expectations on Prathiroju Pandage, actually Maruthi is said to have agreed to do a film for DVV Danayya to launch the producer's son for a nominal remuneration. And now that he got a super hit with the Saidharam starrer, the director is said to be demanding nearly 6 crores remuneration for this project. Rather asking this directly, he is said to have given a shocker to the #RRR producer.

Rather launching Danayya's son, Maruthi is said to have proposed the idea of making a 40 crores budgeted film with a big star for which he even wants 6 crores remuneration. But with Danayya insisting that he can't pull off a big budgeted film now due to #RRR pressure, Maruthi is said to have left the option of remuneration on his table to direct the producer's son.

We have to see what is the truth about this rumour being heard and which film Maruthi is going to take up now.

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