Trailer Talk: Jaanu Is Heart-Touching

Trailer Talk: Jaanu Is Heart-Touching

One of the interesting upcoming films that is hitting Tollywood with an interesting combination is none other than Sharwanand and Samantha's "Jaanu". This movie happens to be a remake of Tamil runaway hit "96" that has Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan in the leads. Here comes the trailer of the film.

Directed by the original movie's director C Premkumar and we must say that he has stuck pretty close to the original without making any changes to script, shot selection and the way he conceives each scene. By bringing the same cinematographer Mahendiran Jayaraju and the same composer Govind Vasantha from the original 96, the director made sure that the tone of the story will not go away.

However, the two things that made the difference are none other than Sharwa and Samantha. Though they have shared a similar soulful painful thing with their acting, somehow they did it differently than a Vijay and Trisha. Especially Sharwa's innocense looks and Samantha's burdening sharp looks in some close shots are a treat for those who love these love stories.

Also music and cinematography are terrific we must say and production values are a bit higher than the Tamil version, thanks to Dil Raju producing the film. Jaanu is hitting cinemas on Feb 7th across the globe.

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