'Aswathama Villain Is 98 Films Old'

'Aswathama Villain Is 98 Films Old'

Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Pirzada starrer Aswathama is heading for release on 31st of this month. This will be third release for Mehreen in the gap of two weeks and she pins many hopes on Ramana Teja directorial.

Mehreen says she knows the meaning of Aswathama. "Aswathama is anyone who stands up for the wrong and then says this is wrong. This movie totally does justice to the title. The film is very close to Shaurya's heart."

Mehreen clarifies that she has good importance in the film. "Not just my character, every character has part to play. In fact, my character helps and guides hero's character."

The actress informs that the story is inspired by real incident happened to Naga Shaurya's Mumbai-based friend's sister.

As of now, the identity of villain of the film is kept under wraps for now. "I don't reveal much about the suspense element in the film. But, I came to know that the villain has done 98 films earlier. He has done really well in the film."

Mehreen says her hero Naga Shaurya is very shy person, but he is a completely different person when he aces the camera.

The actress, who is approached for few films in recent times, is yet to sign any project officially. "I will inform you, once I sign any project".

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