Buzz: Samantha Enters Into Pre-School Business

Buzz: Samantha Enters Into Pre-School Business

At the end of their illustrious career or during the peak of their careers, usually, actors and actresses get into some sort of business plans thus become entrepreneurs. Often male actors are seen investing in hotels, while females are seen ending up starting schools.

Here in Tollywood, we have heroines like Jeevitha Rajasekhar and Raashi running their own pre-schools, while the likes of Manchu Vishnu own franchisees of some American pre and elementary schools. Whether the flourishing side of this business is not known, but these schools need to be run with lots of care and caution. And now Samantha is doing the same.

Teaming up with Hyderabad's another popular celebrity, Mrs India winner Shilpa Reddy, now Samantha has come up with "Ekam", a pre-school that is being called as Early Learning Centre. Samantha says that at this facility situated in Jubilee Hills, pupils will be trained in environmental conscious skills at a tender age. The Ekam has various courses for kids of various age groups, including Pre-school, Nursery, Pre-Primary 1 and PP2.

We have to see how will Samantha succeed in this education business at a time when most actually struggle to do well.

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