NTR Anna Is Right - Naga Shaurya

NTR Anna Is Right - Naga Shaurya

"NTR anna is right. At all his events, he talks about how careful fans and people should reach their homes safe. He is so correct. Today I feel the same. All heroes and actors empathize and echo the same," said Naga Shaurya who got emotional while speaking the other day at the audio launch of Aswathama in Khammam.

He said he had got scared seeing the aggressive fans on bike welcoming him before the event. Shaurya said he didn't expect such love from them and asked everyone to be safe as their family members would be waiting for them back at their homes.

Meanwhile, Shaurya said he has put his heart and soul into the movie and hence he had also got a permanent tattoo on his chest. He said he is blessed to have his family in his life who are making his dreams as their dreams and working towards it. He thanked his brother Gautam who has come from the US for the film and his mother Usha and father Prasad who are producing the film on home banner Ira Creations

Shaurya said Mehreen has done a great job. He said she has still come for the event as per the prior commitment although her grandfather suffered a heart stroke. Shaurya praised Mehreen's dedication and hard work. He praised debutante director Ramana Teja, music composer Sri Charan Pakala and Ghibran who provided terrific background score for the film for delivering a good output. As the film is all set for release on 31st January, Shaurya is keeping his fingers crossed as this film is so crucial for his career.

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