Star Hero's Dressing Tests The Trolls' Creativity

Star Hero's Dressing Tests The Trolls' Creativity

Trolling an actor based on appearance is what we have seen many a time. Ranveer is literally enhancing the creativity of trolls and even testing their patience with his weird dressing every time he poses for a camera.

Ranveer has done it again. He dressed up in colorful satin pajamas and black dotted top with matching hat, that totally turned up like a woman's dress every bit.

Trolls have been busy since then bringing their best out to poke fun at Ranveer. When some commented that this happens when parents want a baby girl and they had a baby boy instead, some other comments asked if his parents knew all this. Scrolling down the comments for miles will conclude one thing, Ranveer Singh is going weirder in dressing for only few who consider it a real fashion sense.

We have seen this earlier too, but no trolls could stop Ranveer from dressing like no one and wait for the next one. It could get better (we meant weirder)!

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