T'wood Love Birds Join Same Gym!

T'wood Love Birds Join Same Gym!

He is so hot. And she is so cute. The duo is a hit pair and worked in a couple of films. However, as rumours started propping up, the love birds have decided to take some break and decided not to act together in films for some time to divert unwanted attention and to avoid rumours.

But here is the buzz. The actress who is rumoured to be deeply in love with the actor has joined the same gym of the actor. Both are said to be going the same gym whenever they are in the town. But with too much of outdoor shoots and travelling, the actor is said to be not coming to the gym often like before. And the actress too got busy travelling and not visiting the gym often.

There is no smoke without fire. So, the previous rumours about their love life seems to have some base given that they are hanging out often.

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