World Famous Lover Will Do The Magic

World Famous Lover Will Do The Magic

Of late, several rumours have shrouded Vijay Deverakonda's World Famous Lover. It is learnt that there is no truth in such rumours. While it was strongly buzzed that the film has a lengthy footage of around 4 hours and was going under scissors to trim it down, sources close to director Kranthi Madhav have denied the rumours. They clarified that the director had made the film going by the bound script without any deviations and the film was said to be made on strict budget without stretching it. Apparently the film is going to be pacy without any drags and sticks honest to the story.

Critically-acclaimed filmmaker Kranti Madhav is said to be coming up with youthful content in WFL and at the same time tapping the emotions. The core emotion in World Famous Lover is said to be intact which Kranthi and his team are expecting to work with audience.

Given that Kranthi Madhav is quite good at delivering such emotional content in his previous films like Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju, Onamalu, it is learnt that the director is set to recreate similar magic with World Famous Lover, albeit laced with youthful content.

World Famous Lover revolves around the love stories of the protagonist and the film said to have several layers. As the film is all set for release on Feb 14th on Valentines' Day eve, it needs to be seen, what is in store for Vijay Deverakonda and Kranthi Madhav.

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