Big Four: Except Nag, Other Three Look Promising

Big Four: Except Nag, Other Three Look Promising

These 'Big Four' are like pillars of Telugu cinema in the 90s and 2000s as they took audiences for a ride every time their films have hit theatres. They are none other than Chiru, Venky, Balayya and Nagarjuna. Their dedication levels and energies are so stunning that even now, after entering their old age, they are still entertaining audiences with lovely movies.

Currently, we have Megastar doing Koratala Siva's film, while Balayya has Boyapati's movie lined up and Venky is doing Asuran remake. These three films are looking super promising in terms of content with respect to those heroes. But Nag is doing Wild Dog with newcomer Solomon and that's what worries his fans. While Koratala will not be disappointing Mega fans for sure for the kind of movies he weaves, Balayya will roar like anything if Boyapati is handling him. And Asuran remake Narappa proved Venky's mettle with the posters itself.

Cut to the point, Nagarjuna's Wild Dog sounds like an underdog for the now as the film's poster and Nagarjuna's look haven't created any excitement so far. But if Nag could take care of the content such that new-age audiences will connect to it, then there is a chance that the Big Four will do an Avengers like feat at the box office.

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