Heroine Banks On Hyd Auditor To Answer IT Folks

Heroine Banks On Hyd Auditor To Answer IT Folks

A heroine who is raising ranks in the recent times received a shock of her life when IT folks raided her parents' residence in a remote town in a neighboring state. Buzz has that she amassed almost 200 crore properties in a short period of time and there is lots of unaccounted money at her home.

Whether there is truth in this revelation or not, the heroine's acts are indicating that there is some sort of wrongdoing on her side when it comes to paying Income Tax properly. As IT Cell folks at Bangalore central office have called her for an explanation, she has other day taken her Hyderabad based auditor along with other team of accountants for the meeting.

After wrapping their meeting with IT folks, the CA and his associates along with the heroine are seen partying at a popular place in Bangalore. When all the IT related accounts are proper, generally celebs don't take their CAs along. But for a heroine who is yet to make it big in films, an auditor flying all the way to resolve the issue is an indication that she did something wrong.

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