Interesting Discussion On Non-Rajamouli Records

Interesting Discussion On Non-Rajamouli Records

Both the films Sarileru Neekevvaru and Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo are entertaining the audience not just with the films' content, but also with their crazy posters.

At the same time, both the films are busy claiming that they have created a 'Non Baahubali 2' record in this area, that zone and that market. That brings to this interesting discussion, as to what these types of filmmakers will say after #RRR releases later this year. Everyone is pretty confident that either #RRR will beat #Baahubali2 numbers, or will stand second to it. In that case, it will be tough for other heroes to claim records by saying 'we scored Non-BB Non-RRR' record.

Some netizens joked, "maybe they will say 'Non-Rajamouli' records, removing all the big films made by the legendary director out of consideration". However, few are quick to say, rather getting obsessed about creating Non-BB2, Non-RRR or Non-Rajamouli records, one should focus on crafting content like a Rajamouli.

Non-BB2 records are temporary, but Rajamouli like films will stay forever in history.


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