I won't write a story based on a hero

I won't write a story based on a hero

Taking many by surprise, Ravi Teja's Disco Raja has done a superb pre-release business despite that his last movies haven't met the expectations. Amidst this, there is a lot of attention on Disco Raja among trade and audience..

Director VI Anand avers confidence that the film will meet the expectations of all. He said the film is a perfect blend of concept and commercial elements. "Story is very important to a film. I won't write a story based on a hero. Based on the concept, I'll choose a hero. Ravi Teja is very apt for the story of Disco Raja," says VI Anand, of Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada fame. He added that even Hollywood films with good story, concept has nice commercial elements. VI Anand said Disco Raja has similar thing which gives new and different experience to Telugu audience.

Stating that science fiction is one of his favourite genres, VI Anand said he had done enough research for the story of Disco Raja. Denying that the film is neither copy nor adaptation from any Hollywood films, Anand said the idea has come from a newspaper article about a Bio-Chemical Lab. He said he has weaved story of Disco Raja based on it and what would happen if a lab research becomes success. He said there are no forced elements in the film. Anand, "At the same time, there is full entertainment. Ravi Teja's humour and acting is at best in Disco Raja."

VI Anand admits that this is his career's highest-budget film. He is keeping his fingers crossed on how audience would receive the film as the film hits the screens on Jan 24.

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