Ala.. Inspires Bunny To Build Palace

Ala.. Inspires Bunny To Build Palace

Success of few films often encourages our stars to do certain new things. Some buy theatres, some invest in IT business and some buy hotels in foreign countries after they make huge money through a film. So what is Allu Arjun going to do as he amassed a massive chunk through the success of Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo?

Ever since Allu Arjun shot at a massive palace like house that is owned by a media baron's relative in Hyderabad, we hear that the mega hero got fascinated by it. Also, he has openly expressed his desire to build a big house in Hyderabad. Reports are coming up that he has actually roped in an architect to design a big palatial residence for him which will be constructed at a site owned by his father Allu Arvind.

Reportedly the star hero is said to have asked to design a terrific place that will give a feel like it is not seen anywhere in Hyderabad till date. He wants it to look massive, modern, luxurious, rich and designer-like, such that it will awestruck everyone who steps there.

Earlier Mahesh Babu has built such house for him in Film Nagar and now Megastar Chiru and Charan have built their new palatial residence in Jubilee Hills. Looks like with Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo inspiring him even Allu Arjun is going to do the same very soon.

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