#Naarappa: Tamil and Telugu fans troll each other

#Naarappa: Tamil and Telugu fans troll each other

Last night the first look of 'Victory' Venkatesh from the movie 'Naarappa' was unveiled and the response was good. Telugu audiences and fans of Venky were delighted to see the Daggubati hero in yet another different avatar. But this did not go down well with Tamil cinema fans and they started rolling Venkatesh.

With the hashtag #RealAsuranDhanush, trolls have started and some tasteless memes were created against Venkatesh. Seeing this, fans of Venky hit back at trollers using the hashtag #AsuranKaaBaapNaarappa.

But then the topic got diverted and trollers from both the sides have targeted all the heroes from Tamil and Telugu cinema. #TeluguRealHeroes, #UnrivalledTamilActors & #CrownLessKingsTELUGUHeros are some of the hashtags were in trending since Wednesday afternoon.

Responding to this, hero Siddharth wrote, "Today's #Paithyam challenge in South Indian fans clashing trends is #UnrivalledTamilActors vs #TeluguRealHeroes. What a waste of the internet! Our country really needs these youngsters to do more with their lives, and their internet data!"

Memes and pictures are being widely shared on the social media which has become like an uninvited war for a silly reason. Remaking is not a crime and when a good film is made in one language, certain audiences feel like having it in their own language. After cinema is a universal language.

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