Pawan Kalyan Gives 1 Hour for 'Lawyer Saab'?

Pawan Kalyan Gives 1 Hour for 'Lawyer Saab'?

Pawan Kalyan finally started shooting for long speculated Pink Remake, for which the title in rumors is 'Lawyer Saab'. Already a still of him walking in black and beard is being circulated as a picture from the first-day shoot. The shooting started today but as Pawan Kalyan asked, the makers did not want to publicize it.

Well, the shooting started, but it is being heard that the actor-politician allotted just a 'one-hour' call sheet on his first day at the location. Though Pawan Kalyan agreed to do this film for his short length role that needs not really need to stay around all the days of shoot, we conder what the director got from given one hour.

We have heard that Pawan Kalyan is not willing to complete the shooting at a stretch but laid a condition that he will be giving one or two hours a day for the shooting. Dil Raju is usually against these types of conditions but agreed for all those laid by Pawan just to fulfill his dream of making a film with Pawan.

Looks like his dream is coming true, but his plans to finish the shooting by the end of April, will not be so true if Pawan Kalyan gives an hour each day. Reportedly, Krish and AM Ratnam too agreed for the one hour condition of Pawan Kalyan for the next film after Lawyer Saab.

Though it looks like Pawan Kalyan will be doing Krish's film after Pink remake, for now, it is not so sure as his re-entry in films will be judged by Pink remake result and the political atmosphere with new alliance may need him back there anytime.

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