That Cinematic Touch By IT Officers To Rashmika's Dad

That Cinematic Touch By IT Officers To Rashmika's Dad

On Thursday morning, IT officials have sprung a sudden surprise to heroine Rashmika Mandanna's family, which we already know about. They have raided her official residence (her parents' house) in Virajpet town situated near Kerala border in the neighbourhood state of Karnataka.

Bangalore media found out interesting details about this raid, as the residence of Rashmika is said to be a heavily guarded one. With her father Madan being a pretty close person to many biggies including some business icons and politicians, there is no way these IT officials could raid his house through the direct channel. So what did they do?

Reports have that he raids happened in quite a cinematic way as IT officers entered the house of Mandanna's like fans of the actress. Though security people told them that Rashmika is not home, they wanted to meet her mother and father and get some clicks. After entering the house, they are said to have flashed their ID cards and then took charge of the scene.

This is like a scene straight out of commercial Telugu movie, isn't it? A cinematic touch for the family that has their daughter as a cinema heroine.

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