Nagababu Is Not In A Mood To Slow Down

Nagababu Is Not In A Mood To Slow Down

Mega brother Nagababu has hastily moved out of adult comedy show "Jabardasth" due to various differences popped up with the producers. And then, he is trying to make sure that the replica version of this show on Zee TV, Adirindi, a super success in terms of TRPs. But that would not happen overnight or with a couple of episodes.

Many audiences are yet to know that Nagababu has started a new show called Adirindi on ZeeTV. Also, the star contestants of Jabardasth like Hyper Aadi and Sudigali Sudheer, who are bhakts of Nagababu, haven't moved out of ETV due to the prior contracts. This is not making Adirndi get enough attention, while Dhanraj, Venu, RP and Chandra are trying to do their best possible.

We have Nagababu at the helm for Adirindi and he is not in a mood to slow down actually. After bringing those four, now Nagababu is said to be bringing standup comedians Saddam and Timmiraju who are popular on Pataas show. The two have joined Adirndi team now, as a new team.

Looks like Nagababu slowly wants to make Adirindi a 10-team competition such that all the popular comedians will be on the show. That will slowly start bringing attention to the new show.

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