Why Kalyanram Won't Call Jr NTR As Tammudu?

Why Kalyanram Won't Call Jr NTR As Tammudu?

The brotherly-bonding of Kalyanram and Jr NTR is quite visible and everyone knows how strongly the two are connected with each other. After the death of their other brother and their father, the two have become more close. Recently the Nandamuri brothers have showcased their chemistry yet again at Entha Manchivadavaru pre-release event.

It could be noticed that though Jr NTR calls Kalyan Ram as 'Anna', Kalyan Ram never calls him that way. He always calls him 'Nanna'. When the same question is posed to Kalyan Ram, the big brother said, "I've always a feeling that NTR is more like my father. And sometimes he is like my son and behaves quite childish and warm. That's why I don't call him Tammudu but will call only as Nanna".

Also Kalyan Ram revealed that he speaks to Tarak before every movie and the two will discuss the script of the film. "He keeps giving me some advice and things to be worked upon, and I follow them" says Kalyan Ram.

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