Tarak Puts The Same Condition As Bunny & Mahesh?

Tarak Puts The Same Condition As Bunny & Mahesh?

Trivikram must be delighted to see the super success of Ala Vaikuntapurram lo, considering his Agnyaathavaasi's failure and Aravinda Sametha's above average results haunting him from time.

Though it is not official, NTR's next is with Trivikram and the congratulatory messages from Tarak to the Ala team 'almost' confirms that. But Tarak seems to be laying the condition, that Allu Arjun and Mahesh Babu have been successful in making it work.

Just like Allu Arjun insisted on Allu Aravind's involvement in producing Ala Vaikuntapuram lo along with Chinna Babu, NTR too wants Kalyan Ram's NTR Arts to be co-producing his next with Trivikram. NTR will be taking his remuneration like always but the profits are to be shared between Chinna Babu and Kalyan Ram.

As we have been seeing, Mahesh babu is implementing this for a long time but with his own production banner, unlike NTR or Allu Arjun who want their family members in it.

Looks like NTR and Allu Arjun will be continuing to insist on their home banners' involvement and share in the profits for movies they make from now on. Prabhas too had been making movies in home banner UV creations and it is heard that Ram Charan too may join them very soon.

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