Suresh Babu Shocker: Venky Mama On Prime

Suresh Babu Shocker: Venky Mama On Prime

When the film "Venky Mama" released, many got shocked as to how Suresh Babu sold the film to Amazon Prime as he is the one who objected strongly that digital screening on these apps is affecting the theatrical revenues terribly. Here comes the second shocker from him.

Suresh Babu has vehemently voiced his opinion to demand Amazon Prime Video to screen Telugu movies only after 50 days after their release. But then, Suresh's very own 'Venky Mama' which released on December 13th last year, started appearing on Prime Video from January 12th, just giving a gap of 30 days. Many wonder why would Suresh Babu do that.

Sources close to the producer say that thinking that the film will not run, Suresh Babu has overridden the 50-day-policy he has suggested earlier. But then, the film did comfortably at the box office for 30 days giving him fantastic collections. Anyway, as the film doesn't stand chance to have parallel run alongside Sankranthi biggies, Suresh has cashed on that logic, may be.

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