Talk Of Industry: Samantha's See-Through Mesh Gown

Talk Of Industry: Samantha's See-Through Mesh Gown

It is almost a day ago that queen bee Samantha has turned up at Zee Telugu Awards in a yellow gown. And now, that outfit became the talk of the industry with fashion reviewers from Tollywood and across the nation hailing the actress for her spicy look.

Wearing a yellow-coloured see-through grown with a bikini like innerwear, Samantha gave a splendid view of her curves and cleavage like always. Surely she is a spicy charmer who knows when to play what tune in order to make onlookers lock their eyeballs on her. Especially with Samantha sharing those pictures on her Instagram, Bhogi festival where people warm up log fire has come a bit early on the digital world.

Fashion magazines like Vogue and others kept appreciating Samantha for her look, regarding which she shared on the social media. Needless to say, she is leading the fashion quotient of Telugu heroines from the front and younger heroines are yet to catch the pulse.

On the other hand, Samantha is playing the role of Ms Prabhu in the upcoming web series 'The Family Man 2' and her first look will be revealed soon.

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