Jaanu Teaser Talk: Heartbreaking Story & A Heart-touching Soundtrack

Jaanu Teaser Talk: Heartbreaking Story & A Heart-touching Soundtrack

Sharwanand and Samantha's Jaanu, the official remake of the blockbuster Tamil romantic drama 96, is one of the most keenly awaited movies of 2020. After revealing the title and first look poster recently, the makers have just launched the film's teaser.

Jaanu's teaser starts off with a wide shot of a vast land, only the clouds and the soil filling the frame. The frame ignites the feeling of emptiness, exactly what the film's protagonist Sharwanand goes through in his life.

The teaser then moves to Vizag, where beautiful teenage romance blossoms between Ramachandra and Janaki Devi. Then comes the highschool reunion, where Ramachandra and Janaki meet, many years after their love story ends in their school days. While Sharwa sports a thick long beard with grey hair, Sam is seen in a totally subdued look.

The only dialogue between Sam and Sharwa - "Chaala dooram vellipoyave Ram?" "Ninnekkada vadilesano...Akkade unnanu" showcases their love, longing and heartbreak. Govind Vasantha's soundtrack, especially the violin, is heart-touching and elevates the protagonists' pain.

Jaanu is directed by Prem Kumar, who had also directed 96. Dil Raju is producing the movie, which will be released in February. Whether Jaanu can replicate the massive success of its Tamil original remains to be seen.

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