FL: Dirty Hari's steamy Jasmine

FL: Dirty Hari's steamy Jasmine

Veteran filmmaker MS Raju is returning to the films with 'Dirty Hari.' It's a bold new age film and very recently two posters of the lead actors of the film were revealed. The third poster of the film is unveiled and it has actress Simrat Kaur showing off in a steamy pose.

'Dirty Hari' marks the debut of Shravan Reddy as hero while 'Chi La Sow' fame Ruhani Sharma too is playing one of the female leads.

These days boldness is attracting the audience but not all bold films are working at the box office. But with MS Raju's mark, the film is making some buzz and hope it lives up to the expectations.

Currently in shooting stages, 'Dirty Hari' is expected for next month release.

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