Guruji, Where Is High Moment?

Guruji, Where Is High Moment?

Ala Vaikunthapurrammuloo trailer has its own moments. It is so cool and it is so pleasant. Director Trivikram Srinivas has relied on family drama and played to his strengths well. As usual, Trivikram is good with his one-liners. It does has dose of action.

But on the whole, the trailer is too cool and composed. One must admit the fact that the trailer lacks mass moments which fans expect from Bunny for this Sankranthi festival.

Mega fans who expected high moments in the trailer from Guruji are a bit shocked as they couldn't see a single high moment. The trailer is flat with Bunny taking the center stage. No doubt, it is Allu Arjun's show that dominated in almost every scene and frame.

But Guruji should also have given a proper jaw-dropping moment to the fans. It is also buzzed that Guruji has cut this cool and pleasant trailer in order to lessen the huge hype surrounding the film after the blockbuster success of the music album. Whatever may be the reason, Guruji Trivikram has dampened hopes of fans to an extent. Let's hope, the film won't miss out such high moments and hits the bull's eye.

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