Ismart Beauty Follows Team, Buys Luxury Car

Ismart Beauty Follows Team, Buys Luxury Car

Looks like the 'hang over' given by the super success of mass masala film Ismart Shankar at the box office is yet to get over for the team. While Puri Jagan and Charmmee laughed all the way to the banks, even other teammates are enjoying the success big time, especially the two leading ladies of the flick.

Both Nabha Natesh and Nidhi Aggerwal got the most of Ismart Shankar success as their glamorous treat became a talk everywhere. With the song 'Dhimak Karaab' becoming super sensational due to their glamour, offers started flowing for them. At the same time, Nabha took inspiration from Puri and Charmme who bought new Range Rover cars to buy a Benz car for herself.

Treading in the same path, now Nidhie Aggerwal also owned a luxury car, as she bought Porsche Cayenne beast. A used Porsche car of course, which is registered to another company since 2013. But then, the whole of Ismart Shankar gang buying luxury cars is like a phenomenon, where they are enjoying the success of a film.

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