Unofficial Ban On Rajasekhar?

Unofficial Ban On Rajasekhar?

Throwing a glance at Rajasekhar's recent films, off-screen life and controversies till chaos at yesterday's MAA diary launch, not everything seems to be working in his way.

According to rumors popping up, there is an unofficial ban levied upon Rajasekhar already in Telugu films, as the veteran actor decided to expose MAA President Naresh's 'atrocities' and 'irregularities', but with wrong timing.

It is already known that Rajasekhar grabbed the mic from Paruchuri Gopala Krishna and vented his anguish against his differences with Naresh and how Naresh has been behaving since winning the MAA elections. That has irked all the guests including and particularly Chiranjeevi, who later asked the disciplinary committee to take action against him.

Many went on to give a thought on why Rajasekhar turned so impulsive and expressed his anger in an irrelevant situation Leaving his frustration alone, many wonder why the big heads are not resolving these 'petty fights' and put an end to mutual allegations of both parties. It is not the first time, that someone from MAA decided to put their anguish in public against each other. Earlier it was Naresh who alleged the irregularities of Sivaji Raja and vice versa. Later, it was Jeevitha, Hema and others against Naresh, how the latter irked and ignored them.

Looks like it is really high time, that Seniors like Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu, and Krishnam Raju to put check to 'irregularities' or at least make the MAA quarrels settle behind the curtains, but not in front of media. As Chiru said, the good should be announced in mic and the bad should be whispered in ears.

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