Charan On Board For Mega Hat-Trick?

Charan On Board For Mega Hat-Trick?

There are some directors who often collaborated with one particular hero for a number of times. And now, there is this director who is working with heroes from the same family for almost fourth time, with his next likely to score a hat-trick for him. Yes, we are talking about Harish Shankar and mega heroes.

Director Harish Shankar has literally directed two mega heroes back to back after he made Duvvada Jagannadham with Allu Arjun, and Valmiki with Varun Tej back to back. And he's the one who gave second break to Pawan Kalyan with Gabbar Singh way back in 2012. And currently, we hear that, Harish is actually getting ready to direct Ram Charan.

Popular production house Mythri Movies is said to be working out the film of Ram Charan and Harish Shankar with the director already narrating the plot to the mega hero and preparing the rest of the script. If he succeeds to impress Charan with the final narration, then the mega hero will start this film after he wraps #RRR by mid-July 2020.

In case if Harish pulls off this mega feat, he will be scoring a hat-trick by working with three mega heroes back to back.

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