#BiggBoss Hot Lady's Photoshoots Failing To Click?

While the likes of Tejaswi Madivada and Deepthi Sunaina have got huge attention during the #BiggBoss2 season for their stunning hotness, it is the turn of Punarnavi and Ashu Reddy during the Season 3 of the reality show. And the arrogance laced talks of Punarnavi have garnered her huge fame which she wanted to cash upon.

Ever since she is out of #BiggBoss3 house, Punarnavi is making sure that she will flaunt her wild side in photoshoots. She's seen slipping into hottest outfits, with revealing cleavages and stunning navel shows. Though she's known for her cute girl image earlier, she changed everything after her #BiggBoss stint.

But then, though Punarnavi is coming up with glamorous pictures that pour lots of sex appeal, somehow she is not getting the desired attention from filmmakers. Apparently, she hasn't signed any big film after she came out of the house and for that reason, she is hitting the internet with back to back hot pictures.

Well, many got rewarded after sharing such pictures and we have to see what fate has in store for Punarnavi.

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