Back To Back Hits For Bubbly Heroine

Back To Back Hits For Bubbly Heroine

Though critics haven't got satisfied completely with these two movies, definitely audiences have embraced them big time due to the comedy content that has been away from them for months. Both Venky Mama and Prathiroju Pandage have banked heavily on comedy dosage to make sure that the films turn super hit at the box office.

Guess what, both these films have the same heroine, the bubbly and vivacious Raashi Khanna in the lead role. Ending 2019 on a high note, she scored two hits with both Venky Mama and Prathiroju Pandage. As a bubbly siren who comes to a village in Venky Mama to that village girl who is fond of TikTok videos in Prathiroju Pandage, she impressed everyone with her performance too.

Add to her performance is her ravishing glamour treat and her own original dubbing for the roles. All these things helped Raashi score big hits in 2019 than any other heroines and she placed herself in a big-league wth this success. For next year, Raashi will be coming up with Vijay Devarakonda's World Famous Lover first, making everyone look forward to her hattrick.

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