Balayya-Boyapati Film: Laugh At Those Rumours

Balayya-Boyapati Film: Laugh At Those Rumours

With the result of 'Ruler' going for a toss, it looks like rumour mills are back to work. This time, it has come out that director Boyapati Sreenu is not getting expected funds for his next film that will have Nandamuri Balakrishna in the lead. Basing on this, some gossipmongers started spreading that this film is halted due to lack of budgets.

And other rumours have also started flowing that Boyapati is actually looking forward to a partner to producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy in order to take this project forward. But what is the reality? Actually Baoyapati went to Varanasi, in search of locations for this movie and his team currently reccying in other parts of Uttar Pradesh as well, such that they will start shooting from February.

When quizzed about these rumours, Boyapati is said to be laughing at them, saying that over-enthusiastic rumour mills are cooking up unwanted stories but he's actually set to start the shooting of the film very soon. Also, Boayapti is looking for some Bollywood heroines for this movie, while he might turn another senior hero into a villain for the same project.

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