Why Vithika Everywhere?, Exclaims Varun Sandesh

Why Vithika Everywhere?, Exclaims Varun Sandesh

Cashing on the craze of #BiggBoss is something many celebs have failed to do so, at least for the now. Though the reality show gave a high to many, those contestants haven't made any big break for them in the film industry. That brings to the contestants of 3rd season of this show.

Apparently the likes of Varun Sandesh, Vithika, Rahul Sipligung and Punarnavi, who are actually fading out in terms of popularity, have got a chance to become a centre of attraction. That made everyone look if these guys will rock in films through #BiggBoss craze. Especially many thought that Varun-Vithika will get some joint offers to sizzle in movies, while they got only a TV commercial.

Recently when quizzed about his plans, Varun Sandesh revealed that he is doing a film finally. And when asked if Vithika is the leading lady, he exclaimed: "Why Vithika all the time? Intlo Vithika, Bigg Boss lo Vithika, cinema lo kooda Vithika ena?".

Well, he is said to have finalised a new heroine to act opposite him but not Vithika. So it looks like their husband-wife image is not going to be cashed upon.

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