Venky Mama: 2nd Week BO Report

Venky Mama: 2nd Week BO Report

Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya's multi-starrer Venky Mama has entered the second week. Though the film started off on a bright note, it slowed down towards the end of the first week. This has worried the distributors to an extent. However, in the weekends, again the film has picked up. As the film marched into the second week, the film said to have earned 49 Lakh share on the eight day in the Telugu states.

With this, the total BO share of Venky Mama for 8 days is estimated at Rs 28.80 Crore share. While the film's world-wide theatricals is sold at 36 Crore, the theatricals value for AP and Telangana is sold at Rs 31 Crore. So, Venky Mama needs another 7.20 Crore share world-wide for the break-even. This looks difficult.

It is learnt that the film got decent revenues on Saturday. However, it needs to be seen, how the film would fare on Sunday. In its full run, it needs to be seen where Venky Mama would close at and whether the buyers and distributors would be safe or not.

8th Day Collections (In Share)

Nizam: 20.0L
Ceeded 7.0L
UA: 11.0L
East: 3.3L
West: 2.0L
Guntur:  2.6L
Krishna: 1.5L
Nellore:  1.3L

AP & TG Total:- 0.49 Crore Share

Total 8 Days Collections (In Share)

Nizam: 9.11 Cr
Ceeded: 3.86 Cr
UA: 3.38 Cr
East: 1.88 Cr
West: 1.17 Cr
Guntur: 1.88 Cr
Krishna: 1.40 Cr
Nellore: 83L
AP-TG Total:- 23.51 Cr
Ka & ROI: 2.41 Cr
Overseas : 2.88 Cr

World Wide Total Share: 28.80 Cr

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