Payal Rajput Putting Full Stop To Those Films

Payal Rajput Putting Full Stop To Those Films

Sexy siren Payal Rajput must be very happy right now for the way Venky Mama is doing at the box office. Her super glamorous stunts after RX100 have failed to work and at one point she remained as one film wonder. But then, things changed big time for her with the success of this multi-starrer movie.

For the kind of high Venky Mama gave her, we are hearing that Payal has changed the way she accepts projects now. Back then, she used to say yes to even small budgeted movies if the remuneration is fat and exciting. But now, she's said to be saying no to small films no matter how much she is getting paid. In a way, she has put full stop to RX100 types of films now.

Payal is said to have asked her team to make sure that she gets offers from big heroes and big projects. Rather doing a solo film or small hero's film, she thinks that acting alongside big and senior heroes will give her long life in Tollywood. Along with that, big films also bring huge attention, thereby creating a pool of offers for a long period.

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