Pulihora Talk: Screentime Of Charan And NTR

Pulihora Talk: Screentime Of Charan And NTR

Just for the reason that Ram Charan is being seen more at the airports and other events, some gossips are being cooked, saying that he has lesser screen time in #RRR than that of Jr NTR. One wonders why this pulihora talk is all about.

Actually Rajamouli is one of the finest and top directors in India, who probably knows how to handle a project featuring two big heroes of Tollywood. Definitely there is no way that he would make one hero a guest and the other one as the main lead. Also for the kind of storyline that #RRR has, surely it will have equal screentime for both.

That brings us to the next argument that Charan is more free than NTR. Well, both these heroes might be getting the same number of free days, but while Charan loves to travel and socialise, NTR is a bit private person who loves it indoors at home. So, Charan's travels can't be the basis of gossip about his screentime in #RRR.

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