Pic Talk: Megapowerstar turns wildlife photographer

Pic Talk: Megapowerstar turns wildlife photographer

In the film 'Orange,' Megapowerstar Ram Charan's role was packed with interests such as graffiti and wildlife photography. Among the two, the second one is truly the Mega hero's personal interest and now he makes his debut as a wildlife photographer.

Posing with a camera in his hand, Ram Charan is seen here with the long mustache that he had grown for his upcoming movie 'RRR.' Not just making debut, Ram Charan along with his wife Upasana will be hosting a gala in aid of World Wildlife Fund, called 'Wildest Dreams.' This event will be held at the mega hero's renovated home in Hyderabad.

More than about the event, it would be interesting to see how Ram Charan has captured the wildlife with his lens and his photography skills will be looked at for. Hope the Megapowerstar lives up to the expectations and in fact this is a good alternative career for him.

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