Jabardasth Comedy Took Venky Mama To Next Level

Jabardasth Comedy Took Venky Mama To Next Level

When critics have put it down, what made "Venky Mama" such stunning success at the box office is the big question now. Because there are many big films earlier that got a solo release but still they haven't made as much money as this Venky and Chay starrer did. So what is it?

Apparently many got connected to the double entendre comedy in the first half where Raashi Khanna thinks that Venky is someone who lures every single girl out there. And then, Chay's double meaning comedy with Payal Rajput, and finally Venky taking Payal's invitation in a double-meaning mode, have all worked out in theatres. Also, this is nothing but the 'Jabardasth' comedy audiences regularly watch and it has the likes of Chamak Chandra and Hyper Aadhi doing it on the silver screen too. Maybe that's what did the difference.

For people who are loving to watch double entendre comedy all the time, surely the first half of Venky Mama is hilarious and that's the reason they have endorsed it more than expected. Coming to the second half, the film ran for the second half, and those who don't logic are enjoying it without any interruption. All this lead to hefty collectins for the movie as they took the film to the next level.

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