Venky Mama: 10 Cr More Needed

Venky Mama: 10 Cr More Needed

Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya-starrer Venky Mama has shocked the trade experts. Notwithstanding the mixed reviews from critics, the movie has struck a chord with masses. The film has made around Rs 20 Crore share in AP and Nizam until Monday. As per trade reports, Tuesday is also said to be good.

Now, the distributors of the Telugu states need another Rs 10 Crore share i.e around Rs 20 Crore gross to get into profits. The film's theatricals for AP and Nizam is sold at 31 Crore and the world-wide theatricals is estimated at Rs 36 Crore.

However, there is a sudden drop in the collections. This is a bit worrying. But strong hold on theatres and Suresh Babu is in no mood to give up the theatres even after the first week are keeping the hopes of the distributors alive. As per trade, Venky Mama would sail through and would be in safe zone.

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