'Idhi Chaaladura', Ram Charan on Sai Tej Wegiht

'Idhi Chaaladura', Ram Charan on Sai Tej Wegiht

Despite the fact that almost half-dozen films flopped in a row, hero Sai Dharam Tej has cut that 'Dharam' from his name, but failed to cut out that flab from his body. In Chitralahari movie he was looking super chubby by putting some more extra kilos after his previous films.

Crediting his transformation to cousin Ram Charan, the mega hero whose Prathiroju Pandage is arriving this Friday, says that losing out weight has gained him new confidence. "When I met Ram Charan after Chitralahari, I've already lost a bit of weight. But then he said, 'Idhi Chaaladhura', and made him meet his trainer Rakesh Udiyar, who is actually suggested to him by Salman Khan. Through him, I've lost more weight" says Sai Tej.

But then, he adds that shedding weight is a good thing and it also helped him do a shirtless fight sequence in his upcoming movie. "Directed wants to show it quite pulsating and authentic, so we did that shirtless fight where I could flaunt my muscles" he gushes. We have to see how this transformation will work out for him in terms of result.

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