What's Wrong With Rajinikanth?

What's Wrong With Rajinikanth?

In the name of entertaining fans, Superstar Rajnikanth is doing films back to back. But after looking at the output of those films and looking at the stories, one wonders why is Rajnikanth actually doing those movies.

The likes of Chiranjeevi, Mohanlal and Amir Khan are some other heroes who have craze similar to that of Rajnikanth, but these folks are taking years to choose subjects and doing a film that will be remembered forever. Though some of them are not clicking, those movies have interesting storylines at the least. But coming to Rajnikanth, all of his latest films including Kabali, Kaala, Petta and now Darbar seem to have the same story- one guy beating the goons.

How long even hardcore fans will be loving to see the same story, again and again, is the question here. Recent Darbar, whose trailer says that film is all about a cop showing his heroism but no big story and interesting elements that the millennials love to watch. One wonders why this star hero churns out these 'heroism' films that are only based on his mannerisms.

Some say, maybe Rajni is doing all these films for money as he wants to do as many films as possible before moving to politics completely. Only Rajnikanth knows the answer.

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